How to get your website found in search engines

For example, searching for the term "web designers" in google results in about 559,000,000 results and only 10 sites show on the first page, so most of the time users will simply pick from the first page - the top 10. So you need to target search terms that you have a chance in getting high enough to be found, i.e. "web designers in canterbury" has around 4.5 million results - your chances are getting better.

Of course you can pay to become a sponsored link (top and right hand side of google), but the moment you stop paying you stop appearing near the top. The ultimate aim is to get 1st page ranking in the organic search results (on your own merit).

Search engines rank sites mainly on the number of inbound links the site has, the more inbound links the site has the more popular and relevant the search engines believe your site is. So if you want your site to rank higher in the google search results you must start getting back-links to your own site. There are plenty of good ways to do this (there are bad ways too):

  • Start a blog and within your posts mention something relevant to your main site and link those keywords back to your site.
  • Blogs are a great way of getting links, if what is written is interesting other blogs, news channels will pick up on it and write their own stories on it referring (hopefully) to your story.
  • Providing simple sharing buttons on the blog pages, allows visitors to quickly share the blog with their friends and the wider community and snowballs from there.
  • Start twittering, using facebook and get people linking to your site from there.
  • Or you can contact us and we can help you.

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