Mobile optimized version of our website is now live

Today we launched the mobile version of our website and we wanted to explain why.

With the forever growing number of users surfing the web using their mobile phone the need for mobile optimized websites is fast becoming the norm.

Why is it important?

If you have ever tried visiting a normal (not mobile optimized) website using your mobile network you'll find the page takes a while to download (3G helps a bit). This is due to the page's large graphics, ads, extra header and footer text, links and other content. And once on the site you have to scroll, not only up and down, but left and right too.

What makes a mobile optimized site different?

The page is smaller in every way, less content, smaller images (if any) and the page is built so that its width is fluid and can stretch to the device's maximum screen width easily, thus removing the need to scroll left and right.

How this can help your business?

The goal of your website is always to know your customers and their needs. We understand the needs of the customer and whilst building the main website we can decide what needs to be in the mobile version.

If a user is visiting your site from a mobile device they will want the information quickly and in small bite sized chunks. So we need to reduce the information we give to the user as much as we can without losing the companies message, product or service. Getting the right balance is important and they can always go away and view the site later and they will be more likely to remember or bookmark your site if they had a great experience and got what they wanted quickly using their phone.

Company websites, blogs and e-commerce sites would benefit greatly from a mobile version.
An e-commerce site could quickly display the product details, an image and price - allowing them to buy through an online payment gateway such as paypal which also has a mobile optimized version making the whole process more suitable for mobile devices.

And most of all, your users are more likely to return again if they had got what they wanted - quickly!
We can help.

Our mobile version can be found here:

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