Why Bad Publicity is Sometimes Good Publicity!

A recent story in the NY Times has caused a lot of trouble for popular search engine ‘Google’. According to DecorMyEyes, Google has enabled them to get more traffic thanks to bad publicity. The Brooklyn based opticians have gained a lot of additional traffic; even though they have been criticised for ripping their customers off.

Google advertise the fact that they help only the best businesses and content to get to the top of their listings. However, the DecorMyEyes case clearly shows that isn’t true. Anybody can get to the top, regardless of whether or not they deserve to be there. This therefore begs the question – can bad publicity also be good publicity? It certainly seems that way for DecorMyEyes.

Making a Change

After being under scrutiny, Google has now made a few changes to its search ranking rules. It has even defended itself by making a public statement. This is a rare thing and it perhaps shows how worried the company is that it will affect their advertising sales. The SEO community have been less than pleased with the findings and that is no doubt what forced Google to make a few changes.

The reason for the popularity of DecorMyEyes in the search engine was blamed on third parties. According to Google, official and important websites had referenced the company and that is why it was showing higher up the listings than it should have been.

The Flaws in SEO Listings

Google may be a huge company but there are still loopholes in the system which has enabled bad companies to get recognised. The main reason why the SEO community is outraged is because Google has high tech tools that should prevent this from occurring. With specialist analyst tools and web 3.0, the company should be able to control the content so that only the best and most relevant content ends up at the top.

Seeing the Big Picture

The whole DecorMyEyes case highlights the problems with SEO. Many businesses are not focusing upon the big picture. They are instead targeting purely on content and drawing in customers. They are not thinking about ways in which to keep those customers happy. The key to a successful business is to keep your customers happy. So is bad publicity really good publicity? The answer is no.

Having the right SEO content is just one step to running a successful business. When you keep your customers happy, they are more likely to buy something else from you in future. They are also likely to recommend you to their friends and family. This is a much more powerful marketing tool than plain SEO.

If you want to gain additional business then you will need the right content. We provide you with only the best, relevant content. We take into account your brand, your products and most importantly, your customers. With our help you can draw in new business and reach the top of the search engine rankings. Keeping the business and becoming more successful will depend upon how well you treat your customers once they have found you.

If you choose to rip off your customers like DecorMyEyes then it will eventually come back to haunt you. No business can stay afloat for long once they start to receive bad publicity. Even if the bad publicity brings in new customers, you will not be able to keep them.

Overall why make your business suffer? Start treating your customer’s right and they will repay you. With the right content and the right frame of mind, you could expand your profit margins and run a successful, high ranked business.

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